RainSoft Airmaster Ultra™

You’ll breathe easier with purified air from the Airmaster Ultra™.

Inside air quality can be 4-40 times as dirty as outside air.
Source: EPA Studies

• Elimiates Odors

• Freshens Stale Air

• Kills Many Common Airborne Molds & Fungus

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Airmaster Ultra™ Works Silently And Out Of Sight

uvinactionThe Airmaster Ultra™ is installed directly into the air duct of your home’s heating/cooling system. The Airmaster works using TWO safe, time-tested technologies:

1. UV Light – FOr a healthier home. Kills many common bacteria, viruses and molds (pollutants that contribute to household allergies) found in your air ducts..

2. Ozone – For a pleasant smelling home. A very small, controlled amount of ozone – a strong oxidizer – reduces odors from cooking, pets, and other house hold sources.

3. The Airmaster Ultra™ treats the entire house, unlike those large, unsightly single room air purifiers that sit on the floor.

4. Operates on less electricity than a 50 watt light bulb!





Airmaster Ultra™ Works Silently And Out Of Sight

Airmaster Ultra™ Unique Features:

• Treats entire house
• Selectable Output
• Operates automaticall
• Invisible & silent protection
• Energy efficient


Frequently Asked Questions about Airmaster Ultra™

faq_imageQ: I already have an air filter. Is Airmaster the same thing?
A: No, Airmaster is an air purifier. The diagrams help explain the difference.

Your air filter is called a mechanical filter.

They trap particles that are too large to pass through, but are not as effective for smaller particles. These filters must be changed regularly, as they full up with collected debris (like a vacuum cleaner bag).

Air purifiers, hoever, sterelize or kill most contaminants, large and small. Both UV and ozone are purification methods.

In the Airmaster, when air passes through the UV light zone (Fig 2a), most airborned bacteria and viruses are killed. The air then passes by the ozone lamp (Fig 2b) where odors are neutralized. The process happens continuously and silently as your heating/cooling system runs, and there are no messy filters to change.

Q. What is UV (Ultraviolet) light?

A. It is simalar to flourescent light, but has a much higher wavelength (in the range of 2537 Angstoms) enabling it to kill and sterilize bacteria and viruses.

Microorganisms cannot build immunity to UV light at this level.

Thus, UV light safely provides germicidal protection.. It has been used for years in the health care and foodservice industries.

Q. What is ozone?

A. People associate ozone with smog. While ozone is a primary ingredient in smog, smog is created by atmospheric contaminants and high levels of uncontrolled ozone circulating in the air making it a health issue. Ozone is on eof the strongest disinfectants known to man.

Airmaster releases ozone only in very small controlled amounts – far too small to be a health consideration. The ozone generated by the Airmaster does not emit harmful residual byproducts. Unlike portable room ozone generators, the Airmaster only uses ozone deep inside your central air system. The ozone is then neutralized before it is dispersed in your home. Interestingly, another kind of ozone, “stratospheric ozone”, acts as a filter around the earth, protecting us from damaging effects of direct sunlight.