Detergent Free Laundry Systems Installed for Homes in Anaheim, CA

Detergent Free Laundry Anaheim CAA RainSoft detergent free laundry system can help to provide you and your loved ones in Anaheim, California, with cleaner clothes and diminished expenses. If you anywhere in Southern California, there’s no better place to turn for these highly advanced home products than Lifetime Solutions, Inc. We’re proud to offer RainSoft’s cutting-edge CleanStart® system, and we’ll be happy to deliver and install these impressive solutions in your home.

The detergent free laundry systems we provide work by injecting controlled amounts of Activated Oxygen into your wash water. A molecule composed of three oxygen atoms bound together, Activated Oxygen is a potent oxidizing agent that can leave your clothes feeling softer and reliably cleaner than ever before. Since the CleanStart® system turns the wash water itself into a mechanism for cleaning, your clothes will be washed twice-over by both the initial wash cycle and the rinse cycle. This thorough cleaning will dramatically reduce or eliminate your need to purchase bleach or detergent, helping you to save on your monthly expenses.

What’s more, there are several other advantages to purchasing a RainSoft CleanStart® system. Our product:

  • Can help to reduce energy costs, since it only requires cold water to clean and therefore eliminates the costs associated with heating your wash water.
  • Is compatible with all major washing machine models and brands, including top-loaders, side-loaders, and energy-efficient models
  • Lengthens the useful lifespan of clothes by lessening the fading and fraying effects of harsh cleaning chemicals

For additional information about the CleanStart® detergent free laundry system and how we can provide one for your home in Anaheim, CA, or any nearby community, contact Lifetime Solutions today.