Detergent Free Laundry Systems Provided for Homes Throughout the Hollywood, CA, Area

Detergent Free Laundry Hollywood CAThe detergent free laundry systems installed by Lifetime Solutions, Inc., can provide you with a way to save money and help your favorite clothing items to look good for longer. Our CleanStart® systems, which are produced by industry-leading manufacturer RainSoft, install directly into washing machines of all makes and models, so you can be sure one will work with the system in your home.

In order to provide you with cleaner, softer clothes, our systems inject small bursts of Activated Oxygen (O3) into your wash water. This potent natural oxidant:

  • Turns your wash water itself into a cleaning agent
  • Allows your clothes to essentially be cleaned twice, once by the main wash cycle and again by the rinse cycle
  • Removes or lessens the need for harsh cleaning chemicals like bleaches, detergents, and fabric softeners
  • Is less damaging to clothes than the above-mentioned chemicals, allowing your favorite items to stay in great condition for longer

In addition to providing you with savings by reducing your need to buy detergent and bleach, our detergent free laundry systems can also help you reduce the monthly utility costs of your Hollywood, CA, home. That’s because our systems only need cold water to clean effectively, and each use less than 40 watts of energy, allowing you to save on your electric bill by removing the need to heat your wash water.

For more information about the CleanStart® detergent free laundry units we provide and install for homeowners in Hollywood, CA, contact Lifetime Solutions today.