Detergent Free Laundry Systems for Homes in Monrovia, CA & The Surrounding Areas

Detergent Free Laundry Monrovia CAThe detergent free laundry systems provided by Lifetime Solutions, Inc. can allow any homeowners in Monrovia, California, enjoy greater savings and cleaner clothes than ever before. Manufactured by RainSoft, a leading company in the home water treatment industry, the CleanStart® systems that we offer are unlike any other product available on the market.

That’s because our detergent free laundry systems are small, compact products compatible with virtually any washing machine, and their method of cleaning clothes is just as unique. They use Activated Oxygen, a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms bound together, which, when injected into wash water in controlled amounts, makes it into a highly effective cleaning agent. This natural oxidant allows your water itself to clean more effectively than bleaches or detergents, helping you to avoid the use of cleaning chemicals and save the money you’d otherwise need to buy them.

In addition to lessening your dependence on cleaning chemicals, the systems we provide in Monrovia, CA, are also exceptional because they can:

  • Reduce energy expenditures, thanks to the fact that they only need cold water to run, helping you to eliminate the cost of heating your wash water
  • Lengthen the lifespan of clothing by eliminating the need to use harsh chemicals that wear down your favorite clothes over time
  • Be installed on almost any washing machine model currently in existence
  • Help you save an average of $6,500 over a 10 year period (figure based on a family of four)

For additional information about our detergent free laundry systems and how they can help make cleaning your clothes easier than ever before, contact Lifetime Solutions today. We proudly serve homeowners in Monrovia, CA, and throughout Southern California.