Detergent Free Laundry Systems for Homes in Los Angeles, CA & Nearby Communities

Detergent Free Laundry Los Angeles CAA premium detergent free laundry system from Lifetime Solutions, Inc., can help make your clothes cleaner than ever before while also helping you to cut costs and save money. The CleanStart® system that we offer is manufactured by industry leader RainSoft, installs directly into your washing machine, and is compatible with virtually every model on the market, ensuring that you’ll be able to get great results no matter what type of washing machine in your home.

Here’s how our detergent free laundry systems work:

  • Instead of using detergent, bleach, or fabric softener, our CleanStart® system injects a controlled burst of Activated Oxygen into your wash water.
  • Activated Oxygen, a natural oxidant, converts the wash water itself into an extremely effective cleaning agent – in some ways, it allows your clothes to be washed twice, since the rinse cycle in essence becomes a second cleaning cycle.
  • Since the activated oxygen is converted to regular breathable oxygen during the cleaning process, the only byproducts are fresh, clean air and equally clean clothes.

In addition to providing superior cleaning benefits in your Los Angeles, CA, home, our CleanStart® systems can also bring impressive savings. They achieve this by only using cold water, avoiding the energy consumption needed to heat the water, as well as limiting or eliminating your need to buy bleach, detergent, and fabric softener. Having our professionals install a CleanStart® system in your home can also help to extend the life of your favorite clothing, as the Activated Oxygen it uses is not damaging to fabric like harsh cleaning chemicals can be.

For additional information about the benefits that a detergent free laundry system can bring to your home in Los Angeles, CA, or any nearby community, contact Lifetime Solutions today.