RainSoft No Detergent Laundry Systems Can Make Your Clothes Cleaner Than Ever in San Bernardino, CA

No Detergent Laundry San Bernardino CAA RainSoft no detergent laundry system for your home in San Bernardino, California, can immediately improve the way you do laundry. At Lifetime Solutions, Inc., we’re proud to provide Southern California homeowners with the RainSoft CleanStart® system, which can provide you with cleaner, softer clothes and save you money all at once.

Our laundry systems work by using controlled bursts of Activated Oxygen, a molecule composed of three atoms of oxygen (O3), to naturally oxidize your wash water. By turning your wash water into a powerful natural oxidant, our systems can clean your clothes without depending on the use of additional chemicals like bleach, detergent, and fabric softener. What’s more, our products are compatible with washing machines of all sizes, shapes, and models, including top-loaders, side-loaders, and energy-efficient units, ensuring that you’ll be able to use our no detergent laundry system with the existing hardware in your home.

Having a CleanStart® system installed in your home can do much more than help you save money on cleaning chemicals. Our products also provide various other benefits to San Bernardino homeowners, including:

  • Reduced energy expenses, because our systems only require cold water to run, allowing you to eliminate heating costs
  • Clothes that will last longer, due to a reduced need to use harsh chemicals that can lead to fraying and discoloring over time
  • Total average savings of $6,500 for a family of four over the course of a decade

To learn more about having one of our no detergent laundry systems installed in your San Bernardino, CA, home, contact Lifetime Solutions today.