No Detergent Laundry Systems Installed for Homes in West Covina, CA

No Detergent Laundry West Covina CAAt Lifetime Solutions, Inc., we’re proud to provide no detergent laundry systems that can help clean your clothes in a way that will be more effective and help save you money. If you live in West Covina, California, or any neighboring area, our team of highly skilled technicians can install a CleanStart® detergentless laundry system in your home. This product is designed and manufactured by industry leader RainSoft, which has helped create innovative water treatment solutions since 1953.

In fact, our no detergent laundry products treat your washing machine’s water, injecting controlled bursts of Activated Oxygen (O3), which can turn the water itself into a powerful cleaning agent. This enables our systems to:

  • Thoroughly clean your clothes with little to no need for cleaning chemicals like detergent, bleach, or fabric softener
  • Essentially clean your clothes twice over, once with the wash cycle and again with the rinse cycle

Our CleanStart® systems are also compatible with washing machines of all sizes and configurations, so you can be sure that they’ll work with the products currently in your West Covina home. What’s more, our systems will help you save money in various ways. Our products will not only limit your need to buy cleaning chemicals, they’ll also help you reduce energy costs since they only need cold water to function. What’s more, our systems allow your clothes to last longer without fading or tearing, ensuring that you won’t’ have to replace your favorite items anytime soon.

For additional information about the no detergent laundry systems we install for homeowners in West Covina, CA, and nearby communities, contact Lifetime Solutions today.