For an Elite Water Conditioner System Installed in Your Irvine, CA, Home, Call Lifetime Solutions

Water Conditioner Irvine CAIf you are in need of a water conditioner for your home in Irvine, California, or another nearby area, turn to the professionals at Lifetime Solutions, Inc. We have provided homeowners throughout the region with cutting-edge water treatment solutions since 1987, and have since earned countless lifetime customers. Manufactured by the well-known company RainSoft, our water conditioner systems are designed to address your water problems at the source and provide an endless supply of soft water throughout your entire residence.

When you turn to Lifetime Solutions Inc. for your Irvine, CA, home’s water conditioner, we will first schedule an in-home complimentary water test to assess the nature of your water woes. From there, we will recommend the conditioner that best suits your home’s particular needs.

Our water conditioning systems utilize an elite process known as ion exchange to eliminate the root cause of hard water, rather than simply masking its symptoms as many other generic softening products tend to do. This process works by exchanging hard-water causing ions such as calcium and magnesium with similar yet harmless ions like sodium or potassium. As a result, you can enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Dishes and glassware that no longer have lingering water spots
  • Soaps and shampoos that lather and clean more efficiently
  • Hair and skin that feel softer and smoother after showering or bathing
  • And more

For more information on the superior water conditioner systems we install for homes in Irvine, CA, and surrounding areas, contact Lifetime Solutions today.