Water Conditioning Systems Available for Homeowners In & Around Anaheim, CA

Water Conditioning Anaheim CAIf you are interested in having a water conditioning system installed in your Anaheim, California, home, turn to the experts at Lifetime Solutions, Inc. Since 1987, we have provided homeowners throughout the region with superior water treatment products that have transformed their home’s water and improved their daily lives. Manufactured by RainSoft, an innovative leader in the industry, our water conditioning systems are designed to soften and filter the water in every room of your home.

While many of the water softeners purchased in stores simply mitigate the effects of hard water, a RainSoft conditioning system eliminates the cause of hard water at the source through an advanced process known as ion exchange. In this process, hard ions such as calcium and magnesium are replaced with similar yet harmless ions such as sodium or potassium. As a result, the water in your Anaheim, CA, home will be conditioned on a molecular level for noticeably softer water throughout your entire residence.

After the installation of a RainSoft water conditioning system, you will enjoy a number of improvements, including:

  • Hair and skin that feel softer and more radiant after showering
  • Soaps and shampoos that lather better and rinse out more completely
  • Dishes and glassware that are sparkling and spot-free
  • Clothes that come out of the washer and dryer looking whiter and brighter
  • No more hard water stains around your drains or scale build-up on your water-using appliances

To learn more about the many benefits that come with the installation of a RainSoft water conditioning system in your Anaheim, CA, home, contact Lifetime Solutions today.