Water Softener Solutions Installed by Lifetime Solutions Available for Residents of Downey, CA

Water Softener Downey CAIf you are looking for a way to solve the water problems in your Downey, California, home, consider the installation of a water softener. Whether you are tired of dealing with dishes that refuse to get clean or have noticed that your hair and skin feel filmy and dry after showering, a water softening system can solve all of these problems and more. But, ensuring the water conditioner you install is manufactured by a trusted name is just as important as the benefits it will provide. That’s why, since 1989, area homeowners have turned to Lifetime Solutions, Inc. for water treatment solutions. Every product we install is manufactured by RainSoft, one of the leading names in the water treatment industry, and has been thoroughly tested to ensure it works exactly as advertised for years to come.

How it works

Our elite water softener systems utilize a process known as ion exchange to effectively get to the bottom of your hard-water issues. In this process, offending ions such as magnesium and calcium are removed and replaced with similar yet harmless ions like potassium or sodium. This ensures that your water is softened on a molecular level for an abundant supply of truly conditioned water.

Plus, you can also enjoy a system that boasts unparalleled ease of use as well as sophisticated features that make managing your home’s water quality a breeze. Some of these features include a power outage recovery system, distinctive alert tones, a large interactive display screen, and an immediate condition response.

For more information on the water softener solutions we have available for homeowners in Downey or nearby California communities, contact Lifetime Solutions today.