Lifetime Solutions Installs Water Softener Systems for Residents of Fullerton, CA & Surrounding Communities

Water Softener Fullerton CAIf you are tired of dealing with buildup on your faucets and drains, hair and skin that feel dry and rough after washing, or dishes that have lingering water spots no matter how thoroughly you wash them, it may be time to invest in a water softener. But, not just any conditioning system will provide lasting relief from hard water. Before you waste time and money on a store-bought product, turn to the experts at Lifetime Solutions, Inc. As a trusted water treatment company that has served the Fullerton, California, area since 1989, we have helped countless homeowners just like you take the worry out of their water with our advanced products.

Manufactured by RainSoft, an innovative leader in the water treatment industry, our water softening systems utilize a proven process known as ion exchange to condition your water on a molecular level. As a result, you can enjoy benefits that include:

  • Clothes that look brighter and more vibrant after laundering
  • Skin and hair that feel smoother after washing
  • Soaps and shampoos that lather easier and rinse out more thoroughly
  • Dishes and glassware that are spot free
  • Drains and faucets that are free of hard-water stains and scale buildup
  • And more

Plus, our conditioning systems are equipped with easy-to-use features to make managing your water a breeze. These features include a large LCD display, a full menu of settings, and a computerized system that prevents you from running out of treated water.

To learn more about the water softener systems we have available for homeowners in Fullerton, CA, contact Lifetime Solutions today.