RainSoft Water Softeners Installed for Homeowners in Anaheim, CA & Surrounding Cities

Water Softeners Anaheim CAIf hard water is causing you trouble, RainSoft water softeners can provide the perfect solution. Lifetime Solutions, Inc. has proudly installed RainSoft water treatment products for residents of Anaheim, California, since 1989 that have transformed their home’s water quality as well as their daily lives. Our premium hard-water solutions are designed to soften, filter, and clarify the water in your home for luxuriously conditioned water throughout your entire residence.

The elite water softeners that we install in Anaheim, CA, homes boast an advanced technology known as ion exchange, which swaps offending ions like magnesium and calcium for similar yet harmless ions such as potassium or sodium. As a result, the water in your home is softened on a molecular level and you can enjoy immediate benefits that include:

  • Shampoos and soaps that lather easier and rinse out more thoroughly
  • Skin and hair that is left feeling smoother and healthier after showering
  • Dishes and glassware that come out of the dishwasher sparkling and spot-free
  • Drains that no longer have hard-water stains
  • Showerheads and faucets that no longer have pesky scale build-up
  • And more

Plus, our water softeners also boast user-friendly software that makes maintaining your soft water a breeze. This software includes a large, interactive LCD display that shows easy-to-read messages about your softener; alarm tones when there is low salt or no salt; and power outage recovery to ensure your home continues to receive conditioned water immediately after a power outage.

For more information about the water softeners we have available for residents of Anaheim, CA, and nearby areas, contact Lifetime Solutions today.