RainSoft Water Softeners Installed for Homeowners in Tustin, CA & Surrounding Areas

Water Softeners Tustin CAIf you’re ready to rid your home of hard water once and for all, consider one of the water softeners installed by Lifetime Solutions, Inc. As a top water treatment company that has served the Tustin, California, area since 1989, we have provided countless homeowners with industry-leading solutions that have transformed their homes’ water and bettered their daily lives as a result. Manufactured by RainSoft, a pioneer in the water treatment industry, our water softeners are designed to effectively filter and soften your water on a molecular level, providing luxuriously conditioned water throughout your entire residence.

When you have one of our water softeners installed in your Tustin, CA, residence, you will be able to immediately enjoy the benefits that only advanced water conditioning technology can provide. This technology includes the use of a process known as ion exchange, which exchanges offending ions such as calcium and magnesium for similar yet harmless ions like potassium or sodium. As a result, the cause of your hard water is eliminating at the source.

Another advantage of the water softening solutions we install is the unparalleled ease of use they provide. Some of the advanced features that RainSoft water softeners boast include:

  • A large, interactive LCD display that provides easy-to-read messages about your water quality and understandable information about your system
  • Distinctive alarm tones that alert you when your system is experiencing low salt or no salt and when a service is required
  • A power outage recovery system that ensures your home will continue to have soft water even when there is a loss of power

To learn more about the water softeners we can install for homeowners in and around Tustin, CA, contact Lifetime Solutions today.