Home Water Treatment Solutions for Residents of Costa Mesa, CA & Surrounding Areas

Home Water Treatment Costa Mesa CAIf home water treatment is something you are considering for your residence in Costa Mesa, California, or a surrounding area, turn to the experts at Lifetime Solutions, Inc. We’ve been serving homeowners throughout Southern California since 1989, and are proud to offer top-of-the-line home water solutions from industry giant RainSoft. Our systems are designed to address a variety of water quality challenges and to provide a luxurious supply of clean water throughout your entire home.

When you first contact Lifetime Solutions for your home water treatment needs, we will schedule a complimentary in-home water test at a time that is convenient for you. One of our trained professionals will perform the test right in your kitchen, and based on the results, will recommend a system to best meet your Costa Mesa, CA, home’s needs. The water treatment systems we can provide and install include:

  • Drinking water systems – RainSoft drinking water systems utilize a three-stage filtration process to filter your water on a molecular level for better-than-bottled quality water straight from your tap. As a result, your drinking water will smell and taste better than ever before.
  • Water conditioners – Our water conditioning systems don’t simply mitigate the symptoms of hard water – they eliminate the cause at the source through a process known as ion exchange. The result is noticeably softer water and the dissipation of hard-water related issues.
  • Whole-house water filters – Our whole-house carbon filtration systems are designed to address a number of water treatment problems by removing or reducing specific impurities such as sulfur, chlorine, iron, volatile organic compounds, fluoride, and more.

For more information about the home water treatment systems we offer in Costa Mesa, CA, and other nearby cities, contact Lifetime Solutions today.