Lifetime Solutions Installs RainSoft Water Conditioning Systems for Homes In & Around Irvine, CA

Water Conditioning Irvine CAIf hard water is a constant problem in your Irvine, California, home, a water conditioning system installed by Lifetime Solutions, Inc. is a proven solution that can solve your water woes. Manufactured by industry-leader RainSoft, our conditioning systems are designed to soften your water on a molecular level using an advanced process known as ion exchange. In this process, reactive bicarbonate ions such as calcium and magnesium are replaced with similar but harmless ions like sodium or potassium. As a result, your home’s water is chemically softened for truly conditioned water in every room of your home.

Having a RainSoft water conditioning system installed in your Irvine, CA, residence can provide relief from a number of common hard water issues, including:

  • Dishes and glassware that have lingering water spots
  • Soaps and shampoos that leave behind residue and are difficult to rinse out
  • Clothes that look dull and feel rough after washing
  • Hard water stains on drains
  • Scale build-up on showerheads and faucets
  • And more

Plus, the water conditioning systems installed by Lifetime Solutions boast easy-to-use features that make it easier than ever to manage the water in your home. Some of these features include a full menu of settings that allows you to customize your system to suit your specific needs, a computer controlled system that prevents you from running out of treated water, overflow protection, and advanced LCD display prompts for ease of use.

To learn more about the RainSoft water conditioning systems we can install for homes in Irvine, CA, and nearby areas, contact Lifetime Solutions today.